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Dating electrical plugs


Classic flat blade plugs and sockets. Examples of classic models of flat blade sockets, plugs and adapters are shown below.

Occasionally some older material can still be found when old homes are renovated. Two other objects, related to sockets have been added to the page: The origin of US flat blade plugs is described on a separate page. Both types of plugs have been designed by Harvey Hubbell. The tandem blade configuration was patented inthe parallel version eight years later.

The page on origin of US plugs gives detailed information. For many Dating electrical plugs both types were available, but finally the parallel orientation became Dating electrical plugs standard US 15A - V plug.

The coexistence of parallel and tandem blade plugs necessitated the construction of wall sockets that could accept both types. Sockets became available during renovation of a home in California.

The socket is polarized. Slots at right are 1. Socket dates back to late s, when Monowatt was a division of General Electric. They are shown on a separate page. The dual - duplex design probably dates back to the mid s.

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General Electric wiring device department, Providence. Standard flat blade plug and connector made of ebonite, Dating electrical plugs vulcanized natural rubber. A relative high sulfur content and prolonged times of vulcanizing results in a solid product. Arrow Electrical Wiring Devices. As many older North American devices the connector shows two different amperage and voltage ratings: Inthe code changed to allow lighting circuits to be fused at 15 amperes; however, the old rule still applied to circuits over volts.

Obsolete plug with two flat blades in T-configuration, rated at 10A - V. They were rated at 15A - V "Dating electrical plugs" 10A - V. T-slot plugs do not fit in socket no. Manufacturer of the shown plug is not indicated; it could have been made in Australia, since the type has been used also in Australia and New-Zealand in the s - s. Non-NEMA duplex socket with angled slots for line hot and neutral w.

It is rated at 15AV and 10AV. The two sockets are each other's mirror image, an unusual orientation, but the top and bottom angled slots are correctly crisscrossed wired. Hubbell 10AV, 15AV plug that fits in socket no. The type of plug with angled power pins is described in more detail on the origin of US flat blade plugs page.

Pre-NEMA plugs and sockets. Classic...

Classic model of a two-blade non-grounding V, 15A socket, with switch. The switch at left is an additional light switch. US ground adapter for 15A - V two pole socket.

These adapters are also known as Dating electrical plugs plugs.

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